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The Ability to Endure
The Ability to Endure
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  • The Ability to Endure
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Ability to Endure is the powerful story shared by Team World Vision founder, and World Vision Church and Ministry Partnerships Director, Michael Chitwood.

Pain is a certainty in this life. It is guaranteed to find us. At times it may feel like grief has sought us out. When we face this type of suffering, our instinct is to run from it. But no matter how we try, we simply cannot outrun it.

This book is about pain and loss and heartache. It’s about being at the end of yourself — losing faith in anything and everything, and then finding hope in the strangest of places. Finding redemption where it seems least likely that God would ever show up. It’s about how when you think all is lost, it isn’t. How when it seems like there is no reason to take one more step forward, there is. It’s about realizing our instinct to run when life gets tough. And it’s about wanting God to make life easier, and instead he gives you the ability to endure.